It's 9:30pm on Sunday, July 31st. My boyfriend, Phillip, and I are at the the Verizon Center for the Femme Fatale Tour. Nicki Minaj has just finished her set and we are both anxiously awaiting Britney Spears to take the stage. Phillip turns me to me and says, "I've been thinking about this a lot. For the month of August I want to be vegetarian." Not exactly what I expected to hear while buzzed at a Britney concert, especially coming from Phillip.

In case you didn't know, Phillip grew up in the Village of New Lebanon in Ohio, which has a population of approximately 2,500 according to the 2000 Census. On the couple of trips we have made to his hometown I have left feeling, full, to say the least. Raised on biscuits and gravy and never being forced to eat his vegetables, Phillip had to explore new foods on his own during college and after graduation. Additionally, he has a laundry list of foods he does not like and will not eat, several of which are vegetables.
Perhaps now you can see why the news that he wanted to go vegetarian for a month was even more surprising than originally described. I had often considered going vegetarian and always ended up talking myself out of it for one reason or another.  This presented itself as the perfect opportunity for me to finally follow through. So it was decided. For the month of August, Phillip and I would try our best to remove all meat from our diets.

With this blog I hope to chronicle our dinners for the duration of the month of August.
Me and Phillip at the concert. My large smile indicates that he had not told me his desire to go vegetarian yet.


chickenwaffles said...

did you know becca (our TA in a school) designs some of Nicki Minaj's outfits?

Also, this is my favorite salad recipe ever if you are looking for salads. If you add enough nuts/cheese it's really filling. Go light on the vermouth if you're scared of it. And, once you've bought vermouth, you can make delish martinis to go with it. Officially swanky enough for Dupont.



Jonathan said...

Why can't I remember who Becca is? What did she TA for?!

chickenwaffles said...

Sanda. Maybe you werent' in my section? She always had crazy outfits and did a lot of sewing (naturally). She now has Chromat: