08.03.11_Bean Tacos and Sangria

This summer my friends Steph and Kim have internships in DC. At the beginning of the summer we decided to make a fun summer cocktail and hang out at my apartment. We started doing this every week and it turned into a fun weekly ritual where we drank, either cooked or ordered in, and acted like geriatrics while watching Wheel of Fortune (Phillip is unstoppable), Jeopardy, and So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). "Wild Wednesday" as we coined it, like our month of vegetarianism, gave us an excuse to try to new things, just in this case, the new things were drinks.

Lucky for us, Steph is a vegetarian and Kim is usually pretty apathetic when it comes to making a decision about what food and drink we should have for the week. This week I really wanted to make sangria. We had discussed it several times in the past put always found some quicker, simpler cocktail to do instead. I found an easy recipe online and it was surprisingly good.
Delicious sangria!
The only times I've had sangria were at tapas restaurants and while I was in Spain so I wanted to eat something along those lines. We decided to go with bean tacos, which I realize are not Spanish but at least have similar flavors. Like Tuesday's pizza, I wanted something easy required a minimal amount of cooking since the main point of Wild Wednesday is to drink and be social, not cooking while your friends are having all the fun. The only "cooking" I did was making the sangria and boiling water for the box of Spanish rice I bought. The rest was just opening cans of beans, warming up tortillas, and dicing some tomatoes and lettuce for toppings.

In somewhat related good news, I was very pleased with the results for SYTYCD! Bye bye Caitlynn and Ricky! Only one more week of putting up with Mary Murphy's screaming and then its over...thank God.

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