08.07.11_Eastern Market Pasta

Eastern Market ravioli
My friend Diana's sister, Rebecca, was visiting this weekend and they invited me and Phillip to come to Eastern Market with them on Saturday before my sailing trip. I had not been since I was a kid so Phillip and I got ourselves out of bed and headed over to meet them. We walked around, saw some cool artwork, and enjoyed free samples of local produce. I really wanted to buy something but we had not planned out our meals for the week so I did not want to buy produce and have it go to waste. Diana told me that inside they sold handmade pastas that were really good so we decided to check it out. We had a tough time deciding on just one or two pastas so we decided to buy four different kinds. The woman behind the counter told us the pasta would be fine in the fridge for up to a week so we decided two pasta nights in one week was acceptable. We ended up with three types of ravioli (smoked mozzarella for Phillip, goat cheese and basil for me, and spinach and cheese for both of us) and some tortellini.

After cleaning the apartment and doing laundry all day I was not really in the mood to make some elaborate meal. We decided to cook half the pasta for a quick easy meal. Because, as you know, I can't have just one thing to eat I decided to take the leftover buns from our Sloppy Joe night and make some garlic bread. Stealing another Rachael Ray trick, I used my microplane to grate garlic into melted butter, spread it on the bread and then just toasted it in the toaster oven. I also made myself my typical side salad with the raspberry vinaigrette. A quick, delicious, and filling meal where we did not feel like were leaving something out by not having meat.
Goat cheese and basil ravioli for me and smoked mozzarella ravioli for Phillip!


Lucas said...

I think you know this trick, but if you want to cut out any fat [like you or Phillip need to], this will help.

Toast your bread, take a whole clove of garlic, slice off the tip, then rub it on the toast. The warmth and abrasiveness of the toasted crumb will "melt" and grate the garlic right into the bread. So simple. So delicious.

Jonathan said...

That's a classic Ray Ray trick. But yea I feel like I'm allowed a little Country Crock with my bread haha.

Phil said...

I like being curvy, thanks.