08.27.11_Bua Thai

In case you live under a rock and were unaware, the east coast had quite the week in terms of natural disasters. After the earthquake on Tuesday, we had the hurricane to look forward to for the weekend. Based on the weather reports, people were panicking, per usual, and stocking up as if the world was literary about to end. Phillip and I didn't really do anything to prepare, besides filling up one extra pitcher of water, just in case we really underestimated the situation. Turns out, we didn't. Our power luckily stayed on the entire time and while we got a lot of rain, it really wasn't anything exciting. There was some water damage in our hallway but nothing in our apartment.

Saturday night we had planned on going out to dinner for a friend's birthday but because of Irene they ended up not coming into town. I had not bought groceries for a meal and Phillip had gone to try and buy bagels that morning and the grocery store was a complete zoo so we decided to see if any restaurants were still open that we could get carryout or even possibly delivery. We called the Thai restaurants around the corner, Bua Thai, and luckily they were both open and delivering.
We got an order of vegetable spring rolls, Phillip ordered tofu with mixed vegetables in peanut curry sauce, and I ordered Tofu with basil leaves, bamboo shoots, bell pepper and mushroom in hot chili sauce. The food was so good! We had gone to Bua once before and I was underwhelmed by what I ordered but both of the vegetarian dishes we got were delicious. My dish was great because it had the crunch of the bamboo shoots with the chewiness of the tofu so I did not have my problem with consistency I have come across so many times. It was a very pleasant surprise after our day of disappointing food a couple of weeks ago. We tipped a little extra too, since they delivered in a hurricane.

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