08.08.11_Smart "Sausage"

Sunday morning Phillip really wanted pancakes. I didn't have any mix in the apartment so he went out to buy some. We typically shop at Safeway but we had not looked to see what kind of vegetarian products they carried. I had him check to see if they had any "sausage" that we could have with our pancakes. Surprisingly, Safeway did carry a fair amount of products considering how tiny the store is. I have a hard time finding chicken nuggets at this store but of course they would have vegetarian sausage. I guess this is what I should expect living in Dupont Circle.

Phillip ended up buying the LightLife Italian Style Sausages. LightLife also has breakfast sausages but they didn't carry them at Safeway though we did find them at Whole Foods later. We ended up using only two of the sausages for breakfast so we decided we could cook up the other two for dinner on Monday. For Phillip, a plan vegetarian sausage, on a dry hot dog roll, and a side of fries. After a few bites he ended up melting a slice of American cheese (or should I say cheese food?) on his to make some kind of...nacho cheese dog. I cannot eat a dry hot dog so there was no way I was going to eat a dry vegetarian sausage. I chopped up some onion and caramelized them and added it to my sausage with some yellow mustard. I cooked the sausages in the same skillet and little bit of oil that I caramelized the onions in making for super easy cleanup. We were both surprised at how tasty the sausages were and we definitely want to try other LightLife products.

LightLife Italian style sausage with caramelized onions and french fries

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Caitlin said...

I eat LightLife hotdogs! And that's a rave because I didn't eat real hotdogs