For some reason the only thing that I've really been craving this month is tuna fish. My coworker, Pascale, gets this tuna salad from a nearby lunch spot a lot and every time she got it I wanted tuna so bad. She jokingly joked that I could make tofuna. I decided to Google it and found multiple recipes! Phillip doesn't like tuna or anything that goes into it so I thought this would be a good thing to make for lunches for me.

The recipe was super simple. I had to freeze the tofu and defrost it first because it changes the consistency of the tofu.  After defrosting it, I pressed the tofu again and then squeezed out as much of the liquid as possible with my hands. I had never frozen tofu before so I was really surprised with how different the texture was after freezing and defrosting. It crumbled so easily. Then you just add the rest of the ingredients (lemon juice, soy sauce, celery, green onion, mayonnaise, S&P) and it's all done. The tofuna was...ok. I still am not a huge fan of tofu flavor and I could still taste some of it despite the lemon juice and soy sauce. It also didn't satisfy my craving. I always put mayo and relish in my tuna so I think if I had just subbed tofu for tuna and added my normal ingredients it may have been a better fix. Still an interesting idea though.
The crumbled tofu before adding any ingredients.
Another quick and easy lunch that we made was grilled cheese and tomato soup. I realize that this is not revolutionary or really worthy of blogging about but it was so good. During a month of trying almost nothing but new things, it was really great to have a dish that did not change at all now that we are vegetarians. I considered putting tomato on my grilled cheese to make it nicer but than I realized that what I was craving wast just a basic grilled cheese and Campbells canned tomato soup like I used to have as a kid. Sometimes something as easy as that can make all the difference if you are in a bit of a mid-month slump or have a couple of meals in a row that aren't quite as successful as you hoped.

Mmm. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


Phil said...

You forgot to put up a recipe for the grilled cheese and tomato soup. How will people replicate this unique dish?!

Maven said...

Since tofuna is a real thing I vote to name this dish faux-tuna instead. Much more original