08.28.11_Alex's Falafel

Our friend Alex invited us over for dinner on Sunday night. She had been wanting to make falafel from scratch and thought this would be a good opportunity since we had gone vegetarian for the month. When we got over to her apartment she had already made homemade pita bread, a sauce (made of greek yogurt, paprika, and roasted red pepper), Bobby Flay's white bean hummus, and a greek salad (cucumber tomato, red onion, and feta over mixed greens). She soaked the chickpeas and then used her Cuisinart to mix all the ingredients for the falafel. Everything was delicious. Having made the falafel from the box myself on our first day of our vegetarian adventure, I'm not sure if it's worth all the effort to make it from scratch. It looked like a lot of effort to me for a very similar result. Granted, I do not have a jumbo Cuisinart so it definitely would have been even more of an effort for me to make tiny batches of the mixture before frying the falafel balls. It was a fun time and nice to get out of the apartment for a bit after being cooped up all day during the hurricane. Thanks Alex!

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