08.10.11_Smashed Grape Cocktail and Veggie Burgers

This Wednesday marked the last of our weekly Wild Wednesdays. Steph and Kim's internships end this week and they are both leaving us to head back to U.Va soon. Earlier in the week I had come across a recipe for a Smashed Grape Cocktail. I had all the ingredients (vodka, honey, simple syrup, lemon juice, soda water) in our apartment already except basil and grapes so it sounded perfect. As always when it comes to these cocktails, we had to improvise a little. The recipe called for 12 grapes per drink. If we each had only two drinks we would be going through almost 100 grapes so Phillip and I decided to replace some of the grapes with white grape juice so I wouldn't be muddling the entire night away. Another modification we made was the number of basil leaves. Six basil leaves per drink would require us to basically buy two whole basil plants which seemed more than unnecessary for our casual drink night on a Wednesday. Lucky for me, there is a basil plant on our roof so I went up and borrowed stole enough leaves for each of us to have two basil leaves per drink. They basil was still extremely fragrant so I'm actually glad we decided to decrease the number of leaves per drink.

Smashed Grape Cocktail with Basil, Honey, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup
Since it was our final Wild Wednesday and the performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance, we decided Veggie Burgers (sorry Debby!) would be super easy and not take me away from all the action. We bought the Boca All-American Flame Grilled Meatless Burgers. While they looked absolutely nothing like the picture on the outside of the box, we did appreciate the already present "grill marks" on the frozen patties. In all honesty once we topped the burgers with all of the normal fixings, I couldn't taste much of a difference. My mom had given me delicious, bright tomatoes from her garden this weekend so I cut one up for us to use as well as some lettuce I had in the fridge.
Clearly not the most innovative or difficult meals, but it definitely was tasty and satisfying. Most importantly it allowed me to enjoy one last night of Mary Murphy screaming about the Hot Tamale Train, Cat Deely looking like a bobble-head while introducing the next dancers due to awful camera angles, and this week's special guest judge, Katie Holmes, making the most useless comments while having the most annoying mannerisms ever. All in all a great way to end our Wild Wednesday tradition!
Picture courtesy of NYdailynews.com

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