08.13.11_A Day of Disappointing Food

Saturday was a disappointing day for us in the vegetarian food department. Phillip had won a $30 gift certificate to a sushi restaurant in Georgetown that expired at the end of the month. We decided we might as well use it, even though we'd have to order vegetarian rolls. I normally get at least one vegetarian roll when I get sushi so I didn't think this would be a problem. We ordered edamame and vegetable tempura as appetizers. Both of these were fine. Unfortunately this restaurant had very few options for vegetarian rolls. We got avocado rolls, a cucumber roll, a cucumber avocado roll, and a mixed veggie roll that had, you guessed it, avocado, cucumber, and then asparagus and radish. On top of the lack of choices, the sushi itself tasted like pre-made sushi you would buy in a grocery store. A disappointing meal to say the least but at least it was free.

That night I was feeling particularly lazy and after feeling less than full from lunch I wanted something filling. Sticking with the Asian theme we decided to order Chinese. We typically get an order of spring rolls, dumplings, and then our entrees. To make it seem like our normal order, we ordered vegetarian spring rolls, vegetarian dumplings, and then I got Vegetarian Lo Mein and Phillip ordered Broccoli and Spicy Garlic Sauce. The spring rolls were delicious (who doesn't love something deep fried?) and the dumplings were fine, but were a little weird because they were stuffed with carrots, corn and peas. I was not expecting the frozen vegetable medley you buy at the grocery store inside of our dumplings. Without the meat, my Lo Mein was essentially oily noodles with a piece of broccoli or two with some matchstick carrots. Phillips dish was a head of broccoli, swimming in sauce.
Needless to say we were less than satisfied on Saturday. I realize most of this is circumstantial with the restaurant choices, seeing as I've had good vegetarian sushi and Chinese food before, but days like that do not help motivate us to stick with it! Luckily a bag of Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn helped us forget about our not so great meals earlier in the day.

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