08.18.11_Lebnese Taverna

Low quality picture of Manakish B`sbanigh, a Mediterranean Flatbread, taken on my iPhone in a dark restaurant.

I hadn't seen Caitlin since we made our "Sloppy Veg-Head Joes" a couple of weeks ago so we decided to meet in Tyson's Corner for dinner. Per usual, I let Caitlin consult her trust website, vegdc.com to find some vegan friendly options for her. She decided on Lebanese Taverna. I had been to the one in Baltimore one time before and enjoyed the food so I was excited to go again. The menu only had two vegetarian entrees, one of which was a special for the night, but featured a lot of vegetarian mezzas, or small plates. We decided to just order lots of mezzas and split everything rather than order entrees. Lots of people recommended this online in reviews even if you weren't vegetarian/vegan.

We got an order of falafel, Batata Meklieh (herb french fries seasoned with sumac, cumin, garlic puree), M`saka (oven roasted eggplant with chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, and garlic), Spicy Hummus, and Manakish B`sbanigh (a Mediterranean flatbread topped with spinach, onions, sumac, and pine nuts). Caitlin and I thought all the food was delicious (Phillip was content with his falafel, hummus, fries, and bread). If we had not ordered drinks we would have only spent $10/person so if you are looking for a cheap vegetarian dinner with friends give Lebanese Taverna a try. The entrees were priced in the upper teens so just ordering mezzas for the table seems to be a good money saving tip!

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