08.20.11_Visiting Caitlin

Erin, Aubrey, Me, Caitlin, and Jamie reunited!

One of my best friends Caitlin (not the vegan one) moved to Fredericksburg, VA after college to be a teacher at a school down there.  She just recently moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend, AJ, so she decided to throw a surprise birthday party/house-warming party for him since his birthday was last week. We thought it would be fun to have a cookout in the evening before heading out to bars to celebrate. Caitlin was nice enough to buy me and Phillip veggie burgers during her shopping trip so that we would have something to eat! We were able to eat all of the appetizers/sides (except for the buffalo chicken dip which Phillip and I both kept eyeing all day) so that was an added bonus! I was very proud of us during the cookout. Everyone was eating hotdogs and hamburgers and the smell from the grill was not making it any easier. We stayed strong and once I had my Boca burger I was perfectly fine. As I said in the post when we made Boca Burgers for ourselves, once I put on all of the fixings I really did not notice much of a difference. That night when we got home from going out we ordered some late night pizza from Papa Johns. We ordered a pineapple pizza and I can honestly say I did not miss the ham at all. All in all it was a good weekend, a fun cookout, and great catching up with old friends!

Phillip discovered Ring Pops are also vegetarian.

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